What is Global Warming?

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So, last weekend I and wife went to the beach. Plan was simple! Enjoy the waves, swim in the water and then surf (Kidding, we don’t surf). We don’t even swim. So, our plan was to sit at the beach all afternoon, look at the waves, watch people and make fun of them (don’t judge us).

After sitting there for few minutes, I wanted to go in water. My wife said, ‘Don’t go, water must be cold’. As always, I didn’t listen to her and got into water. It was really cold. Damn! So, I came back to the beach. Sat there with her and started cursing the ocean. She looked at me and said, “Don’t blame the ocean. If you want to blame, blame yourself! This is because of Global Warming and we all are causing it”.

What? Global warming supposed to increase the temperature of the globe, right?

Well, yes! But it also causes snow storms.

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Global warming is the increase in the average global temperature. Think of it as a fever to mother earth. Since last 50 years average temperature has increased at a surprisingly faster rate.

What causes Global Warming?

The main culprit is pollution. That too Greenhouse gases (No, not Shrek farts!). Greenhouse gases (CO2, Methane, Water Vapor and CFC) absorb solar radiation and sunlight that has bounced off the earth’s surface. This blanket traps the heat in the atmosphere rather than releasing it out in space. This causes earth to get hotter. This is Greenhouse effect! (Ahhh, now you know!)

Same thing would happen if you keep yourself wrapped in blanket while sleeping, right? That is the reason I keep one leg out of the blanket while sleeping.

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Ever since the industrial revolution has begun, man has changed the balance of atmospheric gases by burning fossil fuels and releasing CO2, Water vapor, Methane and NO2 in atmosphere. These are the main four greenhouse gases.

CO2 is the main reason for greenhouse effect and smoke from industries and vehicles contribute more CO2 in atmosphere.

You would think, OK, whatever! Why should I care?

Well, do you like extreme weather changes? Do you like scorching heat in summer when you can’t step out of your house and months and months of snowstorms in winter where you have to dig your car out of snow every morning? In that case, you can just conveniently ignore the global warming. But you don’t want that, right? Global warming is not a thing to ignore. As the average global temperature is increasing, it is impacting the delicate ecosystem resulting in extreme weather conditions.

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

Wow! I don’t want this global warming. How can I stop it? Please tell me.


Photo by Brandon Montrone on Pexels.com

Try not to pollute our atmosphere. Carpool with colleagues or take public transport, buy energy efficient appliances, buy cars with higher mileage. This way you will not release lot of CO2 in atmosphere. Deforestation is one of the major causes of increasing CO2 in atmosphere. So, planting trees really helps reduce global warming. Plants absorb CO2 and release oxygen back into atmosphere. So, PLANT MORE TREES! And educate others around you to use clean energy and protect the environment.

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